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Angling Design was founded to help people break down barriers of the website design process. We wanted to provide people and businesses with a simple and easy to use website, and the option to manage it on their own.  We also wanted to cater to the Do-It-Yourself anglers out there, so we created an affordable website design guide complete with a quick reference sheet and preliminary checklist to help everyone create a professional website.

Meet the Anglers Behind Your Designs

Dustin is our website designer, SEO consultant, and marketing manager. He enjoys fishing for anything that swims.  He loves spending time with his wife and kids and being outdoors. 10 years of experience in website design and SEO. 

Joe is our graphic designer, Logo creator, and media manager. He enjoys fishing, hunting and family life with his wife and children. 

We Want to Help

"We are very pleased with our new website created by Angling Design.  It’s well thought out, easy to navigate and not overly complicated.  Dustin designed the entire website based on a couple of quick conversations and really grasped our ideas by putting them to work on our website.  Throughout the entire process, he has kept us up to date on the progress and gave us the opportunity early on to see the work in progress.  As soon as we went live with the page, updates to the information we provided were made quickly and accurately.  I would not hesitate to recommend Angling Design to anyone looking to market themselves in the fishing industry."

-Brian S

Madison Bass Club President

Let Us Help Create Your Next Brand



Creating websites is our passion. We want to help you launch your brand and get noticed. Increase your marketability with professional design and function.


We also offer the ability to do-it-yourself. We have an affordable website design guide to give you the power to create your own website and save money.

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